Axon 2.1.2 released

Hi all,

Axon 2.1.2 has been released. It contains a few bug fixes and a few usability improvements.

Primarily, it contains a fix around the issues with the Java Caching API (JSR 107), which hasn’t been implemented by any provider yet. Currently, Axon comes with a custom abstraction, which allows for integration with EhCache out of the box. It’s also very easy to write an abstraction for another Cache provider. As soon as the Java Cache API becomes mainstream, we’ll start using that again.

Furthermore, it also makes it easier to define ParameterResolvers in a Spring Context. Axon will now autodetect Spring beans implementing ParameterResolverFactory, allowing you to autowire them with Spring Beans.

For details, check out the release notes.

To start using this new version, simply update your dependencies, or visit the download page.



Awesome! Thanks Allard!