Autowiring into commandhandler method aggregate


I was wondering if it is possible to autowire a spring bean (non-boot) into a @CommandHandler method of an aggregate. I’ve seen that it is possible with
@EventSourcingHandler, but can’t seem to get it to work on a commandHandler method.

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All you need is a SpringParameterResolverFactoryBean In your spring context.


I’ll try that then,

thanks :slight_smile:

I solved it by injecting the ParameterResolverFactory
into my AggregateRepository.

Part of my issue was that the @CommandHandler with the autowiring bean was on the constructor of my aggregate, so it is required when the Aggregate repository is instantiated.
Now is the case tjat I configure the bean for the aggregate repository myself, so it didn’t have the ParameterResolverFactory.

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David Stibbe

I’m having this same issue and I’m not sure if I follow.

How do I create a SpringParameterResolverFactoryBean so I can autowire objects within my aggregate?

Any autowire that I currently do returns a null value

I was able to resolve my issue by autowiring directly into the handler function.

Using a non-spring-boot config?

What did your config look like?