AsynchronousCommandBus not associating for Saga

This is almost certainly related to 3.0M4 AsynchronousCommandBus and Sagas Issue

I.e. Works fine for SimpleCommandBus, but not for AsynchronousCommandBus.

My Saga starts fine, but when using AsynchronousCommandBus it fails to handle an event. The StartSaga ‘handle’ method (which works); sends command to the aggregate; which fires an event that is never received by the same Saga (in the Async case).

It looks like (through debug) that it’s failing to find the saga through the association. (ln:85)

Is there a way to force the Sagas association early? The other thread mentioned it, but didn’t give much details.
Any other suggestions?

I’m using Axon Framework 4.9.0

From your description, it seems you want to create a new Saga and immediately want to trigger something on that Saga? Can you maybe expand a bit on which problem you want to solve? There might be a better way. For now, it’s often better/easier to do as much as possible synchronously. Axon Framework 5 will be fully asynchronous.