associationProperty with UUID


I have the 2 below events in my saga
The UserAttached event has a “membershipId” attribute with type UUID
Should i change it to String ? because like this it’s not working, the UserAttached event is not handled

@SagaEventHandler(associationProperty = USER_ID)
public void on(UserCreated evt) {
   SagaLifecycle.associateWith("membershipId", evt.getMembershipId());

@SagaEventHandler(associationProperty = "membershipId")
public void on(UserAttached evt) {}
public class UserAttached extends Event {
public abstract class Event {
    private final UUID membershipId;

Hmm… I would expect it to work, actually. Personally, I always use String for identifiers, as I don’t like how UUID is often serialized by serializers.

If you look at your association_values table in your database, what kind of entries do you see for the membership association?