Are you using Axon's Kafka Extension?

Through this format, I am hoping to gain some better insights into the usage of Axon’s Kafka Extension. So if you are reading this, it would be a great help if you could stay a while and provide some feedback (if you want, of course).

Axon’s Kafka Extension has only seen a couple of release candidates. We did this in the hopes to receive responses from people using it in production so that we could iron out the last remaining issues. As it stands, this RC was released one and a half years ago (end of 2019, to be exact), without much noise, actually.

Hence, it is high time to grant it a full release.
Before doing that though, I would like to make sure we have not missed any obvious things.
To that end, I have drafted this poll to get some numbers on the usage of the Kafka Extension right now:

  • Yes, I use the Kafka Extension in production
  • Yes, I use the Kafka Extension, but not in production
  • No, I am no longer using the Kafka Extension
  • I have never used the Kafka Extension before

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If you would like to provide some additional feedback after this poll, that would be amazing (and helpful) too! When it comes to additional feedback, you can think of the following pieces of information:

  • How long have you been using the Extension?
  • How are you using the Extension?
  • How have you configured the Extension exactly?

In conclusion, I’d like to thank anybody who has read this, and I hope you can find the time to give us some insights on the matter. Any help here will speed up the release process of the Kafka Extension actually. So, I hope to follow up on this message with a release notice soon!

Hello Steven,

We started using kafka extension and did plan to go live with that. But due to lack of attention to this module from axon IQ along with some open reliability issues, we have to move away from this.


Thanks for sharing that bit of information @S.Roy.
Furthermore, it’s understandable from your (company’s) point of view.
We hope to resolve this stance by moving along with this extension (finally) so that more users feel confident in using it.

Added, I’d like to thank you for several of the issues you drafted up for the extension.
It is feedback like that which allows us to improve our implementations to the next level.