Are Axon Framework versions linked to specific Spring Boot versions?

Are there any expectations that a specific version of the Axon Framework must be used with a specific version of Spring Boot? Are these published anywhere in the reference documentation?

For example using Axon 4.5.4 with Spring Boot 2.6 fails (which I think is fixed with Axon 4.5.5).

We simply found a bug in the way we were using some functionality of Spring, @vab2048.
The bug only came to light as Spring made an, I assume, breaking changes between some major versions of their project.

We don’t aim to have a version diagram between Spring and Axon at all, honestly. Hence, I don’t hope to be required to ever construct such a diagram anywhere. It should just work :sweat_smile:

If you’re interested, you can see the fix here, by the way.

Thanks @Steven_van_Beelen - I was just curious if a mapping between the versions existed. But what you have said makes complete sense.

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