Arangodb Configuration with axon framework

Hi ,

I want to build the state based applications with event store support using axon framework with Arangodb.
Arangodb provided the spring repository and also jdbc driver.

How can I configure the Arangodb Spring Repository or Jdbc driver in Axon Framework.

I found in your doc we can provide any Jdbc driver in Axon framework.

Could you please help in providing some code example, if possible.

Hi Aswani,

Setting up JDBC to store your events begins with defining the JdbcEventStorageEngine.
As you are likely using Spring Boot here, Axon’s auto configuration should kick in to build this automatically for you.

All which you would have to provide next to this is the specifics of ArangoDB yourself.
If there is a Spring Boot starter for this, I think this shouldn’t be too tough to achieve.

Trusting this helps you further Aswani!


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