Any pointers to leverage Quartz and Saga with JPA for infrastructure initialization and simple sample usage

Tried cut and paste from the framework test node, however seems like QuartzTableMaker class is being asked for and does not exist in core, but in test and cannot seem to get it to work. A small sample of how to use quartz can be initialized with a standard jpa for saga and quartz and a delayed scheduled event in a saga would really help…thanks



the QuartzTableMaker is a class used only in tests to create the tables in the test-db that Quartz needs to persist jobs. You shouldn’t use it in production code. Quartz comes with a number of sql files to initialize different sorts of databases.

For what Axon is concerned, all you need is to configure a QuartzEventScheduler. This scheduler needs an EventBus (to publish the scheduled events on) and a (Quartz) Scheduler. If you use Spring, you can configure such a scheduler using Spring’s SchedulerFactoryBean. Give it your DataSource, TransactionManager and tell it where the quartz configuration is (using ConfigLocation).

The exact way to configure quartz can be found in their documentation: