Any demo project that uses Quartz to schedule deadline?

I could not find any tutorial example from Axon that show case the Quartz integration for the deadline scheduling. The only thing I found is a post from this forum.!topic/axonframework/mSpw9AJaDfE which really gives me a starting point (appreciate it). But do you happen to have a demo somewhere? Thanks.


we have implemented Deadlines with Axon 4.1 and Quartz in a Spring Boot 2.0.6 application. The configuration patterns are quite similar throughout the framework so most of the configuration was quite intuitive. For the remaining parts I think I found my way also mostly via this forum and inspecting the Axon Framework code itself. I try to list the crucial parts (we use Spring Boot 2.0.6 and axon-spring-boot-starter, which comes with a lot of auto-configuration):

  1. add quartz to your classpath (we added spring-boot-starter-quartz)
  1. configure quartz to use persistence (if you need to - in most cases you should - to make deadlines survive application restarts)

-> you need to properly set up your spring.datasource.url (username, password) properly to point to a databse of your choice
-> for initializing the database schema for the jobstore you can either set the spring.quartz.jdbc.initialize-schema to always/embedded or you use something like liquibase to initialize the schema (which we did)
-> instead of a db-server like postgres (we used this since we have one running as the saga-store and token-store as well) you could also use an embedded database (like derby, hsqldb or h2)
-> if you just want to test everything you can set spring.quartz.job-store-type to memory and leave the latter two configurations out (quartz will store the scheduled jobs in memory, but apparently they will be lost on application restart)

  1. configure the Axon Deadline Manager to use Quartz (we use a Spring @Configuration class)
public DeadlineManager deadlineManager(Scheduler scheduler, AxonConfiguration configuration) {
    return QuartzDeadlineManager.builder()
        .scopeAwareProvider(new ConfigurationScopeAwareProvider(configuration))

Thanks so much for the help. I was about to post what I did in my sample (I found out by going through the source code that the DeadlineManager construction changed to use builder pattern) But you replied before me with a complete sample. Great work.