Advice on Mastering Axon

I’ve gotten a handle on the basics of the Axon framework but I still find myself often confused on how certain things or how other aspects work.
I’d like to get to a point where I am familiar enough with the framework to be able to contribute back to the project or write about it.

There is certain training available but I’m uncertain of the cost. There are also conferences for Axon but they’re all abroad (I am on the east coast of United States).

What advice do you have for getting involved and mastering the material?

I would think: start working with it. Create a hobby project with a specific usecase in mind. A cargo tracker, people register, payment system …

You will bound to encounter problems and questions. By solving your problems and asking the questions you will slowly start mastering.

Also … contributing to this forum :slight_smile: See what problems other people have and sharing your thoughts .

My 2 cents.

Kind regards,
David Stibbe

Hi Michael,

I agree with David, here. Practice is the best way to learn. We do regularly organize trainings, although mostly focused in Europe. Where in the US are you based? We have organized trainings in Denver last year, and are looking at organizing some in different areas this year.

We are based out of Philadelphia. I’d rather not disclose more information in a public forum but work for a Fortune 200 that is currently undergoing a digital transformation. We’re helping pave the way to Microservices and Axon in our current stack is what has helped us embrace event sourcing. Although we are still stumbling as we learn the framework and best practices; all additional resources are welcome and we would love to host you guys for training if you’re ever on the east coast.

Are there any plans to visit the US this year?

Hi Michael,

There are no immediate plans on the roadmap, but if there is interest, I can tell you that we’re interested.

I believe Allard already contacted you about possibilities in this respect.
I’d suggest to proceed the conversation in that thread instead of on the mailing list.


Steven van Beelen

Axon Framework Lead Developer