Add SAGA in AXON project

Hi all,
It is a pleasure for me to be in this forum and I hope to make my contribution. Therefore, I am a beginner in using the Axon Framework and I like it and would really like to learn about it. I initiated a project on it for the management of an association and I encountered a problem using SAGA. When I initiate a communication between 2 classes. The SAGA class is not running and I can’t debug until I find the solution. Please I would like to have your help in order to continue to move forward in my project and deepen my knowledge of AXON. When running my program I get this error:

Invalid tracking token type. Must be GlobalSequenceTrackingToken


  • Fetched token: GapAwareTrackingToken{index=19, gaps=[4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16]} for segment: Segment[0/0]
  • Releasing claim on token and preparing for retry in 32s
  • Released claim