A new Ask me Anything session. Community, Java, EventSourcing and Axon related topics

Hi all!

This week we have scheduled a new Ask Me Anything session for this Wednesday, Feb, 23rd, from 4 PM to 5:30 PM CEST.

In this session, you can join @Steven_van_Beelen and me to have a discussion on any Java, CQRS, DDD, Event Sourcing and any other Axon-related topics.

In particular, I would also love to hear any questions that you may have around the community and how we envision and how we want to better support the developers interested in building better systems with Axon.

You may already have read what @milendyankov shared about the topic on his “What dev heck?” and “From DevRel to Developer eXperience”.

You can find more info (and register) through the event page in axonIQ site or via the AxonIQ meetup page.

Meanwhile, to warm up and have some starting questions prepared, you are more than welcome to share any questions you may want to add by posting them in this thread…

We are looking forward to your questions.