Where is the git repo & Dockerfile that produces axoniq/axonserver?

Where is the git repo & Dockerfile that produces axoniq/axonserver?

Hey Matthew,

This might be helpful:

And this article & GitHub repo might be beneficial to check out:

I’ve already seen those links. I’m actually looking for the actual Dockerfile in a git repo that produces the Docker image.

Hi Matthew,

this Docker image is currently generated by the Maven Jib Plugin as part of the build processor for Axon Server.
You can find the configuration in the Axon Server SE repository on Github: GitHub - AxonIQ/axon-server-se: Axon Server - Standard Edition

The specific Jib plugin configuration can be found here:

Hope this helps.

Hi Matthew,

If you are looking for an example of how to produce your own image from a jar file this is the way to go:

FROM busybox as source

# The standard distroless images have _no_ suppoprting tools, so we use a two-stage build
# to create the home directory for Axon Server and its volumes.
RUN mkdir -p /axonserver/config /axonserver/data /axonserver/events /axonserver/log /axonserver/exts

FROM gcr.io/distroless/java:11

COPY --from=source /axonserver /axonserver
COPY axonserver.jar axonserver.properties /axonserver/

WORKDIR /axonserver

VOLUME [ "/axonserver/config", "/axonserver/data", "/axonserver/events", "/axonserver/log", "/axonserver/exts", "/axonserver/plugins" ]
EXPOSE 8024/tcp 8124/tcp 8224/tcp

ENTRYPOINT [ "java", "-jar", "./axonserver.jar" ]
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