Upgrading to Axon Framework 4.7

Different than usual, upgrading to Axon Framework 4.7 may just impact your application.
In this release, we have moved away from the dedicated Axon Jakarta module solution in favor of introducing specific Javax and Jakarta versions of the Framework’s JPA infrastructure components.

Although this makes the Framework flexible enough to support several approaches, it likely means you will face breaking changes.

We have constructed a blog and Reference Guide page to explain what we exactly did, and why.

If anything is unclear in the shared, please reach out (e.g., in this thread).
We’ll ensure to be as responsive as possible to help everybody move to Axon Framework 4.7.


Any plans to add support for Spring Boot 3 in Axon Framework 3.4?

Fair question, Faik!
But no, we are not planning to release a 3.5 to upgrade Axon Framework 3 to Spring Boot 3.

The easiest path to combine Spring Boot 3 with Axon Framework, by far, is to upgrade to Axon Framework 4. As it stands, the migration from AF3 to AF4 isn’t very complicated.
The majority of changes are package adjustments and removal of deprecated code, with some minor outliers.

The main branch of Axon Framework contains a markdown file depicting the API changes, which you can find here.

If you need any other guidance to upgrade to AF 4, feel free to open a thread on the forum, @Faik_Siddiqi!