Trying to run multiple different services locally against a local axon 4 server and all are identified as the same application.

I have tried to set the set the properties like the following

Service 1


Hi Carter,

Does AxonServer show different “blocks” in the Overview page, or does it say “2 instances” when running? In the latter case, it will see them as different applications.

You mention that only one service is reading events. That’s probably because the processors in the different applications have the same name. The name of the processor is used to uniquely identify logical processors. That means that if two applications use a processor with the same name, Axon will treat them as different instances of the same processor.
AxonServer, in fact, has no real role in this. AxonFramework internally coordinates activity on the processors using the token store. It seems that your applications are using the same token store, and they are therefore blocking each other from claiming segments.
It is highly recommended to use some form of qualified names for your processors. By default, the name of a processor is the package name in which the event handler classes were found. Also, if the applications use different Token Stores (different underlying database, for example), they will also process concurrently. However, in that case, AxonServer may issue a warning that duplicate segments in a processor were detected, as multiple applications report the same segments on the same (logical) processor being active.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks for the reply. The server does show “2 instances” with different names, and they do indeed have different event processor names. Each service is pointing to different databases. I will dig a bit more and report here.


Hi! Have dug anything up?