TrackingSagaManager / MongoTokenStore

Hi Allard,

I know there is an issue “Simplify configuration of TrackingSagaManager in Axon-Spring module” planned for the release 3.1, but we are looking forward to use tracking for the sagas too.

I’m just curious, what’s the best way to implement / configure it with Axon 3.0.5 right now? Maybe you have already a snippet or so, which you could provide.

We switched from mysql to mongo, which feels much better suited for axon. Are you aware of a “MongoTokenStore” implementation for tracking processors by somebody else? Axon doesn’t provide one out-of-the-box.

Thanks a lot!


as far as I am aware, there is no MongoTokenStore in Axon, yet. A PR has been submitted for it (, but we didn’t review it yet. Might be worth checking out.