The Tracking processor is now more resilient to failure and exposes its current state. It can now also be paused/resumed at Runtime.

Hello everybody,

Anyone have a little snapcode about how I could pause/resume at runtime please?

Hi Mike,

there are now a few methods on the TrackingProcessor:
pause(), isStarted(), isRunning(), etc.

See for details.



Hi Mike,

A patch for that has recently been merged into master. In axon-core 3.1-SNAPSHOT you shoulud be able to repeatedly start/stop the tracking event processor.


Sorry but I’m still missing something here. I was looking the sources and it’s not very clear yet.

How do I properly get the TrackingEventProcessor instance?

I’m starting my tracking like this:

    public void configure(EventHandlingConfiguration config) {

Hi Mike,

good question. This item was completely overlooked in the 3.0.3 release. I am working on the 3.0.4 at the moment, which contains a fix to expose all key components from these modules.
In 3.0.4, you can access the processors using the getProcessors() or getProcessor(String) methods on the EventHandlingConfiguration class.

Note that you can only retrieve these processors once the context has been started. Doing so beforehand may not return any processors, as they are configured in the very early stages of Spring application startup.



Hi Allard, I’m looking forward.

On the next Thu I will do a live-coding on my company showing Axon 3.0.3 to the other developers.

Wish me luck!

Please show 3.0.4 instead. It’s being synced with maven central right now (might take a while, though).

But in either case, good luck!!