Support for UUID association type in saga in future


I am successfully using sagas in Axon 1.3.
However I saw a note that in future, all association types other than numbers (Integer, Long), Strings, primitive types and AggregateIdentifier will not be accepted.

Could you add to this list UUID?
Currently I am using it as a association type for some sagas and it would be good if I could stay with that. :wink:

What is the reason for deprecating other types?


Hi Piotr,

good questions. Don’t worry, though, UUID and anything else that works as an aggregate will still work fine as an association’s value. The idea is that only types with a consistent toString() method will work as value. That means that two items that are equal should also provide the same toString() result. Primitives (and their Object representations), Strings and UUID already have this. In Axon 2.0, this will also be the restriction for the aggregate identifiers.

The reason is that the associations (and aggregate identifiers as well) need to be used as lookup values. In most databases (if not all), this works best using String (or char) types. That’s the main reason.



Hi Allard,

Thanks for quick answer. :slight_smile:

It’s good to hear that I may use it.
And also thanks for clarifications - they sound reasonably. :wink:


2012/2/27 Allard Buijze <>