Status IntelliJ plugin?

Hi all,

I see that there is a axon project for an IntelliJ plugin supporting @CommandHandlers and @EventListener annotations.

Is there a release version of the plugin available or should I build it from source? Is it useable?

Thanks in advance,
Geert Pante,

Hi Geert,

the current status of the plugin is definitely not production-ready. The current state of things should really still be considered a proof-of-concept. It still needs a lot of work.




I saw you released a 0.2.0 version 2 weeks ago. I just installed it, but it’s not really usable for me, I’m afraid.

I have an abstraction layer:

public void publish(final T event) {
eventBus.publish(new GenericEventMessage<>(event));

Is the plugin supposed to recognize GenericEventMessage payloads? I.e. would it be able to detect this publisher if I inlined this method?

Greets; Geert.

Hi Geert,

currently, the plugin uses the apply() and registerEvent() methods in the aggregate as publishers. We were already trying to figure out how to detect publishers for commands. There, we were thinking of using the constructor of the command’s payload object.
Looking at the code you’ve shown, it might be best for the plugin to do the exact same with events. That would safely work around your abstraction layer.



That would work for me!

Created @EventHandler should link to event payload creation and vice versa