Spring version update roadmap


Just a question on your update roadmap. Do you have any fixed schedule for updating your Spring version dependencies? I see 2.3.2 depends on Spring 4.0.3. We have a fix in Spring we’re depending on (which will hopefully still make a 4.1.X release) but if we can’t update Axon to match it, it won’t do us any good :-). So just wondering if this is already planned or if you can give any kind of indication?


Hi Jens,

normally, you should be able to use Axon with different versions of Spring, without issues. If something doesn’t seem to work in a newer version, please let me know.
Axon’s dependencies on Spring are optional (thus non-transitive). That means that Spring versions defined by Axon will always be overridden by the choice you make in your own project.