Spring Data Token Store

Hi guys,

I’m currently evaluating Axonframework for a new project.

I understood that the Token Store needs to exist aside of the Axon Server and there are several options for that (JPA, JDBC, Mongo). I couldn’t make Mongo work by the way, I guess it’s due Framework 4.0.3 being incompatible with axon-mongo 4.0-RC2?

I asked myself, if anybody has ever implemented a Token Store based on Spring Data repos?, as I intend to use Neo4j for views and I would like to avoid adding an additional RDBMS “just” for the Token Store.


Hi Markus

you should use this dependency


org.axonframework.extensions.mongo axon-mongo 4.0


instead of


org.axonframework axon-mongo 4.0-XX


Hope it helps


Hi Martin,

Thanks a lot - got it (the extensions part was missing).

I created a preliminary TokenStore version that uses Spring Data Repos…


Hi Markus,

I’d like to note that Axon does not only require a spot to store Tokens, but also Sagas plus their Association Values.

If you’d thus decide against using Mongo, which Martin gave you the handles for, in favor of providing your own implementation you’d thus need to go through a similar effort for the Saga Store.

That’s my 2 cents.