Spring boot + axon framework starter + distributed command bus using JGroups

Hi .

My current goal is build a project using spring boot starters for testing distributed command using Jgroups.

I got this message when it runs: Received unknown message: org.axonframework.jgroups.commandhandling.JoinMessage

It comes from org.axonframework.jgroups.commandhandling.JGroupsConnector

public void receive(Message msg) {
Object message = msg.getObject();
if (message instanceof JoinMessage) {
processJoinMessage(msg, (JoinMessage) message);
} else if (message instanceof JGroupsDispatchMessage) {
processDispatchMessage(msg, (JGroupsDispatchMessage) message);
} else if (message instanceof JGroupsReplyMessage) {
processReplyMessage((JGroupsReplyMessage) message);
} else {
logger.warn("Received unknown message: " + message.getClass().getName());

It’s like there are two classes definition at the same time. I feel lost, Any clues?



Hi Francisco,

That’s some interesting situation you’ve got there.
Can’t recall this happening to me when using the JGroups Distributed set up.
Do you mind sharing all the dependencies you’re using?
That might shed some light on the situation why you’re receiving a different JoinMessage instance.

Let’s try to figure this out!