Spring Boot AutoConfiguration


I have a quick question. Is it somehow possible to use the Spring Boot AutoConfiguration in a Spring MVC application? Has this been done before?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @JanVanRyswyck,

Can you explain better what you want to achieve?
It is perfectly fine to use Axon Framework with and without Spring Boot.


When using Spring Boot, the auto configuration automatically hooks in and gets executed. This is (presumably) not the case for a Spring MVC application. My question is how to accomplish this for a Spring MVC application.

Thank you for confirming this @JanVanRyswyck.

So, the ‘ability’ to auto-configure things is coming from Spring Boot.
If you are not using Spring Boot, you have to create the Beans yourself.

But for that, Axon Framework provides a very powerful Configuration API where you can hook up everything pretty easily.


@lfgcampos Can you point me to a part of the documentation or maybe a sample where Configuration API is used directly? I’ve read the docs about the Axon Spring Boot Starter. Is there anything else that I should have a look at?