sequential command handling per aggregate

compare to akka framework, the aggregate in axon behave like a actor,
i wonder if there are some way to implement the sequential command handling per aggregate pattern in Axonframework.

I would send out a commandB while processing commandA, both commandA and commandB will do some change to the aggregate,
but if comanndB execute before (and faster ) commandA ends, the commandA fails and commandB applys ,how to avoid this ?

perhaps this is what you need.


By default Axon already handles commands for the same aggregate sequentially.

If you mean AsynchronousCommandBus or SimpleCommandBus, they call command handler in caller thread or pooled threads

在 2016年3月1日星期二 UTC+8下午4:15:46,René de Waele写道:


all command bus implementations Axon provides guarantee sequential processing oer aggregate. The thread in which the commands execute doesn’t matter.