Running Axon Server in cloud without file system ? (ex: Heroku)


  • Axon Server stores its data on the file system, and does not seem to provide other options.
  • Heroku only provides ephemeral filesystem.

Does it means that it is impossible to run Axon Server on Heroku? :’(

Any advice?

Hi Octave,

AxonServer does indeed require a file system for storage of its events and controldb. If you want to use AxonServer as an Event Store, the ephemeral storage provided by Heroku isn’t sufficient. In such case, you’d have to run AxonServer in a place that does support a persistent file system and connect your Heroku based applications to that instance.
This is also how it works for all other types of storage services (MySQL, Postgres, etc), with the main difference that AxonServer doesn’t have a (cloud) hosted option (yet).

If you only use AxonServer to propagate commands and queries, then AxonServer could also work on an ephemeral filesystem. It would just restart from ‘scratch’ each time Heroku decides to move the instance.

If you wish to discuss an AxonServer solution managed by AxonIQ, that’s possible as well. In that case, we will spin up a cluster and manage it for you.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Allard Buijze