Object-instance level event subscriptions


I am new to Axonframework and I have a question about event subscriptions at the instance level.

Here is what I am trying to achieve.

I have application logic executed upon getting a command or in response to receiving an event. That logic fires an event saying that an entity instance, e.g. a Task with id=20 has started. In my application ecosystem there is an entity called Team. I have a number of instances of Team, e.g. Team A, Team B, etc. Only Team B is interested to get notified that a Task with id=20 has started. Is there a way in Axon to facilitate this instance-level event subscriptions and listening/handling.

Thank you!

I did figure this out. Using Saga is the answer to this requirement. Great framework!

Didn’t get to answering this questions yet. Glad you like the framework!