Multi Tenancy Support in 4.6


I learned that since 4.6 we now have multi tenancy support? Great!
However, at least to my best knowledge there’s no documentation for it yet?
How is it supposed to be implemented?


Hi Markus,

It’s a separate extension with a very thorough readme. Please feel free to ask questions about it. The creator of the extension also wrote a blog about it.

In addition there is demo application. Official ref guide is in the progress until there is documentation available on extension repo it self

Hey Guys, thanks for our hints, I appreciate this!

Hi Guys, too bad, it’s a EE feature :joy:

If you wish to adapt it to non EE I would be happy to give you instructions, and hopefully, you would open source this demo? :slight_smile:

Sure, I’d be happy to adapt it to non EE - and of course I would open source the example :slightly_smiling_face:

which technologies are you planning to use for the command bus and event store?

Well we are on Spring Boot with Axon Framework and Server

Hi Stefan, Any news?

Sorry Markus but Axon Server SE supports only one context, and multitenancy at it core requires context per tenant, so it not possible to implement it. Having Axon Server SE per tenant would not have much sense as it would be very costly.
When you said previously that you don’t use Axon Server EE my opinion was that you were using JPA Event Store or similar, for which multitenancy could be implemented…