Migrating Axon 2 to 4: globalIndex

Hi Axon users,

I’m currently working on migrating an application from Axon 2 to 4.
In the progress I noticed that a new column globalIndex got introduced in the newer versions.

Are there any migration guide for this field?
I believe I should set this field for the existing events as well. Can I generate values for the field?


Hi Theis,

that column was indeed added in Axon 3. It’s basically an auto-incremental number (as contiguous as possible). You can generate values for the rows, as long as you use the timestamp of the events for ordering of the rows. I am not sure if a simple “ALTER TABLE … ADD id INT PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT” will respect that properly. You might need to add it as a nullable field first, and then insert the correct sequences.

I found some notes made by a former colleague who went through the process of migrating Axon 2 to Axon 3. Perhaps they are of use.

Kind regards,


Axon 3 Migration notes.pdf (211 KB)

Thanks Allard. It seems to do the trick.