Making SAGA work with distributed JVM

I am trying to make my SAGA to listen events coming from different JVM (I am publishing the events to RabbitMQ). But the problem I am facing is it is not being listened by the SAGA that I defined using @Saga. Can you provide me a pointer or sample code that how I make Saga work with AMQP based events.


Hi Saibal,

unfortunately, the autoconfiguration (which you use when annotating with @Saga) doesn’t allow you to specify the source of events, yet. We’re going to add that soon.

The workaround is to create an SubscribingEventProcessor instance explicitly, and pass it an AnnotatedSagaManager as the eventHandlerInvoker. As a messageSource, you can use a SpringAMQPMessageSource, which allows you to read from an AMQP Queue.