Location transparency


As far I understand the location transparency means that I’m able to use axon framework no matter which environment I use, without any extra configuration.

I’m curious how we should achieve location transparency in the following scenarios:

  1. Working without AxonServer. I’ve always seen examples that had dependencies on some messaging systems like Rabbit or Kafka. In such a scenario a simple local development is not possible until I create the whole infrastructure.
  2. Different databases for query model. I’ve seen a project with the H2 database. In real life, we use Oracle or something similar, so in fact, my application needs some extra configuration.
    Should I achieve such a configuration with e.g. Spring profiles?

Hey Tomasz,

Indeed working without Axon Server might cause a little bit of discomfort, this is exactly why it exists.
If you wish to use external messaging system it tends to be way easier to setup development workflow with docker, so I’d research upon that.
The situation with the query model is really elastic with axon, you can use whatever database you want, as long as you project events from messaging bus of your choosing, if we are talking about the event store however, then you have limited scope of using sql or mongo extensions from axon or creating your own, with that being said keep in mind that axon server is free to use.

Overall, I’d go with docker setup instead of spring profiles

Regards, Robert