ListenerInvocationErrorHandler with Axon 4.5

Hi, I have one question.
We have implemented class by extending ListenerInvocationErrorHandler.
In case of RuntimeException, EventHandler will retry the event.
How many times it will retry and with what back of duration.
Could you point me out to some document for same so i will go through it more.


@Steven_van_Beelen Could you please help me in understanding that.

Hello Gaurav, since event processors always strive to process all events, it will indefinitely try to keep up. If you want to have more control over the number of retries, or want the rest of the event stream to proceed, Iā€™d suggest looking into the DLQ feature introduced in 4.6. It sidelines event messages in error and allows you to retry event messages for an x amount of time.

You can read more about the DLQ here: Event Processors - Axon Reference Guide

We also have a blog on it: Axon Framework 4.6.0: Fault-tolerant event processors

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