jdbc event store not automatically creating tables ?


Following up on the quickstart guide i was looking to swap out the filesystem store with a jdbc store pointing to an Oracle database.

<axon:jdbc-event-store id=“eventStore” data-source=“dataSource” sql-schema=“eventSqlSchema” force-utc-timestamp=“true”/>

But when i then execute again the ToDoItemRunner i get an error

Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

Since the GenericEventSqlStore has methods to create the necessary tables i thought axon would take care of executing the necessary DDL. Not a big problem though, i can take care of creating the tables myself, and most people probably should to take full advantage of any database vendor specific features. But for this purpose it would be nice to document the “ansi92” DDL somewhere more visible, currently seems to be hidden only in GenericEventSqlSchema.

Thanks for this very interesting framework btw, looking forward to dig deeper into it !


Hi Jorg,

you’re right. The tables currently aren’t automatically created, primarily because of the vendor specific settings.
We’ll have a look at providing a bit more documentation around that option.

Thanks for the heads-up!