Inclusion of MicroProfile Long Running Action (LRA) specification

Hi all,

I would like to ask whether you would be interested in the inclusion of the MicroProfile LRA specification as a client API for the Sagas used in Axon.

In short, it’s an API that do not put any particular restrictions on how the saga processing is implemented in the system and we would like to investigate the use of CQRS and event sourcing as it is implemented currently in Axon. Some of the benefits for Axon could be easier transition or bridging possibilities of MicroProfile compliant applications to the framework.

If there is anybody interested, we have a regular weekly call [1] or you can find the discussion on gitter [2]. The full specification is located at [3].




Thank you,

Hi Martin,

at the moment, we have a large number of deadlines approaching, as our own conference [1] is closing in. Once the dust settles a bit, we’ll have a look at the Saga spec and see if it’s something we could use.