immutability of event log


Is there any built in mechanism to prevent someone to tamper with the event log? For example inserting an event between 2 existing events.
Maybe link one snapshot with the hash of the previous one or similar?


Any ideas?

You are basically asking for blockchaining the events…

hash event, sign it, store that signed hash in the following event, etc.

Not with every event necessarily.

I just want to know if can easily tamper with the event log.

Hi Javier,

The EmbeddedEventStore implementations of Axon don’t have this feature. AxonServer has some mechanisms to avoid tampering, but at least does not provide APIs that allow modification of events.
A more extensive “proof of immutability” will be part of the AxonServer Enterprise edition in upcoming versions.


Thanks Allard!

Do you have rough ETA for that?