How to replay events based on aggregateIdentifier

I am trying to wrote replay events , my main concern is i am trying to replay event based on particular paymentId(aggregateIdentifier) , how to do that? i saw we can replay based on processing group but if i want to replay based on one particular payment ID , how do i accomplish it?

This is a very specific requirement, and in order to do that you will have to design your event handlers for this case:

  1. Please, refer to the documentation
  2. Yes, the replay is per processing group, but you can gain more control with @DisallowReplay and @AllowReplay on the event handlers/method level.
  3. Additionally, you have a ReplayStatus parameter available on the method level which you can use to handle only events with particular Id if you are in REPLAY status.

I hope this helps.

If this is a one time thing, then maybe look up the timestamp of this aggregateIdentifier in the EventStore and then replay events since that timestamp?