How can I send the result of the saga process to the UI

I’m new to Axon, so sorry if my question seems to be silly.

User initiates a saga process which orchestrates reservation, ordering, payment aggregates. During that process I loose the connection with the UI.

How can I send the result of the saga process back to the UI?


Hi Rashid,

There is not such thing as silly questions, at all.
So feel free to ask whatever, as long as it’s in the context of Axon, DDD, Event Sourcing and CQRS of course. :wink:

The role of the Saga is to manage a complex business transaction within the subject domain you’re programming in.
From Axon’s perspective, the Saga reacts to ‘things’ which occur in your system, being Events.
From there on, the Saga most likely sends out other operations.
This can be third party service calls to for example send an email, but very likely this will be formed in a command message.
If any such calls fail, something which you could regard as a result, the Saga is in charge of coping with the error as the Saga is the complex business transaction.

Due to it’s nature of being in the middle of the web, of aggregates and/or bounded contexts, it does not send results to a UI directly, but thus is more of a delegating unit to support this operation.

Hope this gives you some insights Rashid.