Event handlers not getting triggered when using tracking event processor

I have two springboot applications both using axon framework. We have deployed all these apps to PCF and simultaneously also running in our local machines. both local and PCF deployed code are using the same oracle database as event store and kafka as event bus. I can see entries in tokenenetry table for all the event handler packages across these two apps and the owner for the segments in tokenentry table as something like 19@501f923e-d424-4ad5-48e5-81d5 and 34@501f923e-d424-4ad5-48e5-814. I understnd from axon documentation that theowner is nothing but the nodeId.
when I am trying to process an event from my local machine with nodeId something like 11724@WES58-0670 the event handlers are not getting fired but I see the token getting updated for the tokenentry table row which has owner as 19@501f923e-d424-4ad5-48e5-81d5. why my event handlers from my local are not getting fired? is it because the owner for the segment is different and that is hy it is not able to claim the token.
The event handler which I am trying to test is within the same package but this event handler is not deployed to the PCF.

Hey @Ashwini_Kumar !

The thread which owns the TrackingToken will be the one which will invoke the @EventHandler annotated methods inside your event handling components.
Thus if you would expect handlers to be invoked on your local machine, it should be your local machine which has a claim on said token. If the claim is on any of your PCF deployed instances, it’s the threads over there which will invoke the handlers; henceforth why you wouldn’t see anything happening locally.

My hunch is here that the PCF instance was deployed first, hence claimed the token. After that you spun up your local instance, which was thus incapable of claiming the token. As such, you don’t see any of the handlers being invoked, as you are likely debugging locally instead of on the PCF instance.

Hope this clarifies things. Let us know if you have any follow up questions.