Event Handler doesn't called always

I am new to event sourcing and Axon framework. We are building a mircoservices application using axon. Everything is working fine. we creating events and in event handler we are persisting data in DB using JPA, but in some point (maybe redeploying services or throwing exception or restarting) the event is created but data not saved in the DB anymore. what ever how many we create events. events created but not saved in DB. once I deleted the token record in entry_token table. all the event in the store is persist in DB again and keep working fine. what do you think about this ? Is this related to handle tokens or handle exceptions? or Axon configuration ? How I can fix this behavior ?

Since removing the token table fixed the problem, I’m assuming you are using a streaming processor to store the events in some other db, as what you are using as event store. The error handling on processor groups default to just log the error..

My assertions might not be correct, but if they are you can fix it by configuring the PropagatingErrorHandler for example, so those get retried.