I want to migrate from SimpleCommanddBus to DisruptorCommandBus.
I read the pros and cons (limitations) of DisruptorCommandBus.
Nevertheless I am still having troubles.

I have a command that doesn’t change a state of any EventSourcedAggregateRoot.
When handling of that command is done then I get NullPointerException from DisruptorUnitOfWork.commit().
I don’t have a StackTrace (sorry) but the cause is obvious - the DisruptorUnitOfWork.aggregate is not set, because none aggregate was used.

Is it intentional?
Is there a workaround?
What am I doing wrong?

Hi Pawel,

this sounds like a bug. I can imagine this edge case causes the DisruptorCommandBus to fail. Could you file a bug for this one on issues.axonframework.org? Thanks!