Detect status of a command

I have an interface that has a button, when the client clicks on it, it triggers a CreateBillerCommand command.
In case the client clicks the button 3 times in a row the command CreateBillerCommand is triggered 3 times. So i will have for exemple
1st CreateBillerCommand in progress (at 13:00:00)
2nd CreateBillerCommand in progress (at 13:00:02)
3rd CreateBillerCommand in progress (at 13:00:05)

I want to check the status of the 1st command, if in progress i don’t let it process the 2nd command unless the 1st command is done.

Conflict resolution strategy can help you here.

In case of back to back commands sent “on version X of this aggregate, do that”, where X is the expected version of the aggregate. One of them will have the changes actually applied to the expected version. The other user won’t
Conflict Resolution - Axon Reference Guide