@DeadlineHandler matching


we noticed that when we declare a deadline handler in a saga that doesn’t have a payload but does need a resolvable parameter (in our case a command gateway), that it is not invoked when the deadline expires. (It is in the unit test though, so we found out rather late.) I read in the documentation that matching is done by checking for the deadline name/payload type combination, so it seems like the command gateway is mistaken for the desired payload.

We currently work around this using a dummy payload, but is there a supported way of declaring such a deadline handler?


Hi Levi,

beans are indeed matched last, and the payload as first parameter is given preference over possible bean injections.
To work around this issue, you can assign a first parameter of type Message. It’s the fastest and easiest one for Axon to resolve.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Allard,

I remember joking we should try Void, but we’ll change it into Message.

Maybe it would be a nice addition to the deadlines page in the documentation?