Create axon tables in oracle

Hi I want to use axon framework with oracle.For that reason I manually created tables in oracle like myschema.TOKEN_ENTRY,myschema.SAGA_ENTRY etc

For some reason I cant use spring autoconfigure database option,How can I establish relation between axon jpa and entities,should I create manuelly SAGA_ENTRY entity in my code or something else
Myconfiguration like that in spring code

entityManagerFactoryRef = “myEntityManagerFactory”,
transactionManagerRef = “myTransactionManager”,
basePackages = {
public class MyDBConfiguration {

@Bean(name = "myEntityManagerFactory")
public LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean

myManagerFactory(EntityManagerFactoryBuilder builder) {
LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean em = builder


Hi @Bilgehanyildiz,

Are you using Spring Boot? I would assume so.
In that case, you can probably just configure it on your application.yml (or properties).

I haven’t tried myself but something like this should work!

spring.jpa.hibernate.ddl-auto=create #or update or any other option


Hi Lucas ,You are right it works when you like that but due to some reason,I cant work like that.
I have to manually configure datasource and I have to add axon tables to specific schemas.How can I achive that ?

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Hi, the following works for developing on development system. But need to take this to production environment were mentioning auto create isn’t going to work. Is there a workaround?

Hi Lucas can you give us more detail?to specify schema

Schema is spicific to Oracle. Something I’ve done in the past for a similar issue, is to have an Oracle instance locally, and then copy the schema.

can you give more detail?please gerard

how can you specify schema?

If you can run it locally, with an auto created schema, you can than copy that schema for other instances. At least that’s how I worked around something similar earlier.