Coming "Soon" ... Axon Server in the Pivotal Service Marketplace (cf create-service axon-server)

This was the last slide of an Axon/Pivotal Cloud Foundry presentation at the recent GOTO Conference 2019 posted last September.

Is there any news? Roadmaps? Timelines?

Hi Will,

We are still traversing this endeavour, but we’ve hit slight delays with the partner sign-up at Pivotal.
Whilst on the topic of providing Axon Server as a service, you might be interested in requesting beta access to the SaaS solution.

It’s pretty closed at this stage, but popping a request through our contact form will never hurt of course.

As soon as things are settling in with the Cloud Foundry version, I can assure you we’ll be vocal about it through all our channels.


Steven van Beelen

Axon Framework Lead Developer