Build errors with 2.4.4 and 3.0-snapshot

I need to support a later version of the mongo-driver than what’s being used in the current Axon framework, so I’ve grabbed copies of both 2.4.4 and 3.0 to play with (somewhat disappointed that 3.0 doesn’t use the current mongo-driver).

Building 2.4.4 (on an admittedly slow VM), I’m getting errors such as:

Failed tests:

testExceptionsFromHandlerAreIgnored(org.axonframework.saga.annotation.AsyncAnnotatedSagaManagerTest): Service refused to stop in 10 seconds
testSingleSagaLifeCycle(org.axonframework.saga.annotation.AsyncAnnotatedSagaManagerTest): Service refused to stop in 10 seconds

I’ve tried bumping the time in those (and related) tests up a bit, but haven’t found a stable value.

3.0 shows

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:3.1:compile (default-compile) on project axon-spring: Compilation failure
[ERROR] /Users/tirwin/maui/backend/axon_3/spring/src/main/java/org/axonframework/spring/config/[101,78] cannot find symbol
[ERROR] symbol: method subscribe(org.axonframework.eventhandling.EventListener)

Any thoughts / help on getting past those issues?

I do have a version of 2.4.4 with mongo-java-driver 3.2. Should I submit that?



Hi Tim,

work on Mongo 3 support is in-progress. They have made some API changes that makes Axon’s current Mongo supprt incompatible with the 3.x version. Axon 3.x will have support for Mongo 3.