Hi guys,

Quick question.

I understood that blacklisting for event handlers works on a type of event basis…

If let’s say, I have a generic event, will Metadata be considered?

For example I have event type A with different Metadata and events of type A with some metadata B are only interesting for service SB where as events of type A with metadata C are only interesting for service SC. So events A/B should only flow to SB and events S/C should only flow to SC.

Thanks a lot

Hi Markus,

Axon will only blacklist event types (a specific serialized-type & revision combination) if there is absolutely no handler interested in that type. If there is a handler that is just triggered by meta-data, then that will effectively disable blacklisting at this point. This even includes events for which Axon doesn’t have a Java class matching the payload type.

We have ideas for more advanced blacklisting for future releases, but for now it’s being applied using a very defensive approach. We wouldn’t want to withhold you your own events ;-).