Backup path with createControlDbBackup


I’m looking if there is a way to change the backup path when we POST createControlDbBackup.
By default it will try to store it under /axonserver (for me /axonserveree) if we are using the docker image from running-axon-server/blob/master/2-docker/0-ee-docker-image/build/Dockerfile

“timestamp”: 1603822111695,
“status”: 500,
“error”: “Internal Server Error”,
“message”: “IO Exception: “ /axonserveree/./ (Read-only file system)”; “/axonserveree/./”; SQL statement:\nBACKUP TO ‘/axonserveree/./’ [90031-197]”,
“path”: “/v1/backup/createControlDbBackup”

The default k8s setup from the same repository does NOT create a dedicated volume for /axonserver(ee) and so the backup strategy doesn’t work with the proposed setup in running-axon-server.
Based on documentation, we need to mount the volume in an other pod to backup those files.

So what is the better approach for a k8s deployment to perform this kind of backup ?


the “axoniq.axonserver.controldb-backup-location” setting controls where the ZIP file is placed, so you can adjust that to be on a volume you have defined. All the settings can be found in the Reference Guide, but I see there is no mention of this setting in the section on backups. I’ll make a note of it.

Bert Laverman

Thanks Bert.

It is working.