Backpressure for commands published in high frequency

Does AxonIQ have any backpressure for commands getting published to an aggregate in high frequency. To be specific, when opting for Async command bus when more commands are getting published than getting processed per second, would the number of commands which are to be processed in that time difference are going to be queued or discarded ?

Does this apply the same to the events too ?

If yes how can we achieve this ?


we are using the distributed command bus with Axon Server. As far as I understood, the commands will get cancelled by axon server after 5 minutes (configurable via axoniq.axonserver.default-command-timeout in Axon Server) and the client application (sending the commands) will receive this as exceptional result (see also this older thread about the same topic: Are there any consequences when command handling takes more time?)

Axon Server 4.5 introduced some new backpressure feature, but I didn’t have time to look into it in more detail.

Thank you @Jakob_Hatzl this was helpful.
And does the order of the commands sent would be in place when using Async bus or do they loose the order.