[axonframework] Question on setting up Axon Framework with Axon Server

Hi Iskandar,

Axon Server at the moment does not serve the purpose of a Token Store.
Hence why you see events being “replayed” upon application startup.

Easiest way to get an actual TokenStore implementation in a Spring Boot + Axon application is to add a “data-jpa” starter dependency and a database dependency (you could use H2 for testing for example).
Doing so will kick in Axon’s [JpaAutoConfiguration](https://github.com/AxonFramework/AxonFramework/blob/e73ac254a3aab45afd3ae7121386c4cf51877ac8/spring-boot-autoconfigure/src/main/java/org/axonframework/springboot/autoconfig/JpaAutoConfiguration.java) will create a JpaTokenStore.

Hope this helps!