[axonframework] Error with Spring Exploree/STS tools for validation of spring config with axon namespace

That’s a strange error. Does the module that declares the repository in the xml contain the aggregate as well? Perhaps the IDE is a bit over-eager in detecting classes on the classpath?

To inject the snapshotterTrigger without namespace support is not too hard. Just add

<property name="snapshotterTrigger">
    <bean class="**org.axonfw...EventCountSnapshotterTrigger**">
        <property name="**trigger**" value="**50**"/>
        <property name="**snapshotter**" ref="**refToSpringSnapshotterInstance**"/>

to the definition of the repository. If multiple repositories have the same trigger configuration (count and snapshotter), they can reuse the same EventCountSnapshotterTrigger instance.



Thanks, already figured that out … however even though the fully qualified class name is just like it is in the sample and the same module, it does error out… cheers