AxonDB increase message size

Dear Axon,

We ran into a problem which is most likely caused by our events getting too large. We found this article to solve the problem. QueryBus problem: Received Rst Stream
However, we are still at AxonDB and the solution is for AxonServer. I searched extensively for the configuration properties of AxonDB but kept ending up at the AxonServer configuration properties (

Could you please send me a link to the configuration properties overview for AxonDB 1.3.12 ?

Or tell me if the property axoniq.axonserver.max-message-size and axoniq.axonserver.default-command-timeout are also available in AxonDB 1.3.12 ? Or if not, how to increase these for this version?

Met vriendelijke groeten / Best regards

Radboud Platvoet
Software developer
DevOps team